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Mervs pitchfork fondue cooks on location hot fresh steak and spud, homestyle taste in every meal. We can cook for 500 persons a hour hot food. We cater year round.

  • 10oz AAA. Ribeye Steak Meal

    The meal includes:
    Ribeye, Potato Wedges, Baked Beans, Pickles, Coleslaw, Dinner Roll & Dessert.
    * Minimum 40 Person


    per person

  • Merv's Ribeye Prime Roast

    The meal includes:
    Ribeye Prime Roast, Mashed Potato, Gravy, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Pickles, Dinner Roll & Dessert.
    * Minimum 30 Person
    * Add Chicken Breast Supreme for $8.00


    per person

  • Mervs Ribeye Steak Tips Meal

    The meal includes:
    Ribeye steak tips in sauce, Yukon gold mashed potato, gravy, baked beans, coleslaw, pickles, dinner roll and dessert
    * Minimum 30 Person


    per person

  • Merv's Prime Steak Sandwich

    Served on a Potato Bun with Baked Beans & Pickle and your choice of potato salad or Mac cheese
    * Minimum 25 Person
    * Steak sandwich meal with beans and pickle $13.00


    per person

  • Chicken Breast Meal

    The meal includes:
    Yukon gold mashed potato, gravy, baked beans, coleslaw, pickles, dinner roll and dessert
    * Minimum 30 Person


    per person

  • Cowboy Lunch Special

    The meal includes:
    Smokie on a bun, potato wedges and baked beans comes with a pickle
    * Minimum 50 Person
    * Meal is only available on weekdays: Monday to Thursday


    per person

  • Merv's Appetizer

    # Sea Salt & Pepper Riblets - $12 (1 pound)
    Ask about the other appetizer options available.
    * Make any appetizers into a complete meal by adding Potatoes, Baked Beans , Coleslaw, Dinner Roll and Dessert for $8.00
    * Half portions are available to add to a meal for $5.00

  • Merv’s Steak Poutine

    “A Meal in a Bowl ”
    Baby Round Potatoes , Ribeye Steak , Cheese and topped with rich Beef Gravy.
    * Minimum 30 Person
    * Make it a complete meal with Coleslaw, Dinner Roll and Dessert for $4.00


    per person

To Book A “PITCHFORK FONDUE” For your Next
Office Party, Wedding, Reunion or Special Event

We supply plates, cutlery, napkins and condiments.

All we require is a suitable OUTSIDE cooking area 10' x 20'

We can setup at your favorite location or offer alternate site suggestions.

My staff will serve the meal from our food service table.

Book early to save the date.

We cater anywhere in Manitoba.

Applicable taxes ,gratuity and milage charge are added to each event , prices and min person subject to change.

PO Box 1326
Steinbach, MB R5G 1N1